The weather is hot and humid but the days are getting shorter which means it must be time to begin training for the Carl Hart Duathlon on October 19, 2014! 

Thinking of giving it a “tri”? Take your indoor training outdoors and experience the thrill of racing. No need to worry about the swim, this race is a run/bike/run on fast flats in Hecksher State Park.

You will need a road bike and running shoes and a desire to work hard.  You meet for 7 Sundays beginning August 24th, (not Labor Day weekend) at 2pm at Ocean Ride for an informative or active hour. If you have an occasional conflict, no worries,  Jackie is easily reached by phone and e-mail to guide you through the training process.

All are welcome to attend our first meeting on August 24th. Bring your questions and concerns. For our beginners, we have eight racers who crossed the finish line on Mothers’ Day who can share their experience and answer any of your questions.
 For our 2nd time racers, take your knowledge and experience to the next level and improve your finish times. Returnees will focus on speed training, faster transitions, and bike handling. 

Training sessions will be led by Jackie Anscher, a USAT tri-coach and triathlete. Training is done on your own time with a detailed schedule highlighting workouts. Weekly meetings will address all areas of training from nutrition to stretching.

Any other questions and to reserve a spot, please call (516) 432-8000. For more information on the event, go to www.eventpowerli.com
Fee for 1st timers: $150 includes 7 meetings and unlimited phone/text/e-mail support. 
Fee for 2nd timers: $100 includes 7 meetings and unlimited phone/text/email support.

Training begins Sunday August 24th.  Come join the fun!